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для UX-профессионалов в России

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UX strategy – the secret sauce that defines the pixie dust

Эрик Райс (Eric Reiss)

Впервые за 6 лет проведения ProfsoUX на конференции будет ключевой спикер!

Имя Эрика Райса известно профессионалам и любителям UX по всему миру, его доклады и мастер-классы с успехом проходят в США, Германии, Дании, Израиле, Швейцарии, Чили и во многих других странах. И этой весной Эрик приедет в Санкт-Петербург, чтобы поделиться своими уникальными знаниями с российскими специалистами.

Доклад прозвучит на английском языке без перевода. Описание доклада:

UX strategy is about analyzing an organization’s business strategy and outlining what needs to be done from a UX perspective to ensure that the goals of the business strategy are achieved. In brief, UX strategy is the glue that binds the company vision (goals) with the day-to-day UX tactics (execution). Without a clear UX strategy, it is entirely possible to design killer UX concepts, yet fail miserably in the marketplace. That happens a lot. This talk aims to help companies and designers avoid costly yet easily avoidable pitfalls.

Surprisingly, most companies don’t have a UX strategy. In fact, very few even know what this document would contain. At best, they have a vague idea as to the desired UX of their digital offerings, but may have left out other key parts of the user experience, such as their physical products, bricks-and-mortar venues, etc. «Just sprinkle some of your UX pixie dust on our crappy product and make it wonderful» — a lot of us hear this, albeit usually in words less crass.

A good UX strategy contains the following items:

  • a clear definition of the company’s/brand’s value proposition
  • a set of generic guidelines for UX designers that helps align their work to support business goals and the value proposition.
  • a governance structure for managing and coordinating the various processes involved across a variety of touchpoints — online and off.

Want to learn how to start, conduct, and complete this work, even within politically disinclined organizations? Start here! Your personal career advancement is virtually guaranteed!


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